Scarsdale Police
Benevolent Association

Show Your Support!

To help us better serve you and this great community we all call home, please feel free to support us by donating towards our cause. Your donation will go toward supporting officers in your city, benefitting your local community programs, and helping fallen officers and their families.

Why Give Locally?

Here's what your donation can do:

Support from residents and businesses will go toward supporting officers in your city. It will encourage them, help them in times of need and dramatically improve morale within their ranks.

Community programs such as scholarships, little league support and officer led activities are also directly impacted by your donation. Without your support, many of these crucial programs would not exist within our community.

Your support will also help fallen officers and their families in your local community and across the nation. Help during devastating events such as these is critical for our officers and their loved ones.

Our Mission

The Scarsdale Police Benevolent Association is the collective bargaining entity for the the Police Officers, Detectives and Sergeants of the Scarsdale Police Department.

Our mission is to ensure that our members' rights and freedoms are not violated, to provide for the well-being of our members and their families, to promote mutual respect between our members and the community they serve, to protect members who have been treated unfairly, to provide assistance to the less fortunate within the community and to promote a spirit of friendship and cooperation among all police officers and support other police and labor organizations.

About Us

The law enforcement officers our association represents have one thing on their mind: protecting you. Scarsdale's police officers give their all every day to protect the nearly 18,000 residents of this six-and-a-half square-mile town. When we're not patrolling Scarsdale's streets, we're training to provide you with the best public safety professionals in the business.

The Scarsdale Police Benevolent Association is proud of the strong bond our officers have with our community and strive to strengthen that relationship every day. When we're not in uniform, we're often participating in charitable and community events across our town. We're proud that you've entrusted us with the duty to protect you, and we work every day to uphold that commitment.

Meet Our Board

Jason Bronstein


Eric LoGiudice

Vice President

Timothy Behrmann


James Gannon


Daniel McGinn

Financial Secretary

Brett Purpura


...and Directors

Ronnie Arefieg


Nicholas Kringas


Aidan Sullivan


Victoria Wanderman


Kenneth Woodward